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    NOTE: The author had a very successful weekend trip using his system, and to celebrate, he is slashing the price by nearly 80% for this week's listing only! Take advantage while you can and start winning at the roulette tables TODAY

    If I were to tell you that this was the actual name of the system that is being sold, then I wouldn't be telling you the truth. The truth of the matter is that this system is so powerful, to reveal its true identity is a risk to YOU! That's right - a risk to the player that is looking to purchase it. Why do you ask? It's simple - the information contained within the manual is so powerful that if leaked to casino personnel, you may not be allowed to play it for long. This system is so powerful that it requires you to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before it is released and shipped to you. If you would rather not hold yourself accountable for such information and to make sure you guard it, then maybe you should look at the next system down the line, because this one probably isn't for you.

    To call this a professional system would be an understatement. What I will tell you about it is that it is a triple threat system. There are three separate pieces involved with it - three pieces that would create a very nice standalone system on their own. However, putting these three pieces together - especially the third piece - is what makes this the most unbelievable system ever created. One publication company offered the mastermind of this system - the author and professional roulette player - NEARLY SIX FIGURES for the rights to the information. Can you imagine that? This publisher must have seen gold at the end of this rainbow if they thought they could make profits off of that! Just that fact alone is enough to realize that we are playing with the nuclear bomb of casino strategies!

    Back to the system - I don't want this to sound like a ridiculous over-hyped machine that will practically cook dinner for you while you're not playing roulette! Although with the profits, you can hire a professional chef! Anyway, the premise of the system is to allow an opportunity for the Main Bet. This is a bet that only comes around every half hour or so on a live table. If the croupier and boss allow you to wait to bet when it's time, then that's perfect. You don't need the other two pieces to the puzzle. However, pit bosses are a little funny about people who just stand around waiting for their shot. See, casinos and bosses and dealers are there to protect the house's (casino's) bankroll. They aren't there to cheer for you and have you win. The less money the casino makes, the fewer dealers there are to play against. Whereas some dealers may act like they are pulling for you (and only if you are tipping well!), the truth is, they also have their pride to make sure that they win along with the casino. Hopefully you can get involved with a crowded game where you can stand back and watch the game, and when the opportunity arises, you can jump in there!

    But if you can't...the other two pieces of the system are what can be essentially called "place-fillers". They allow you to keep your place at the table and bet and with these other two pieces, you can make money with them. This is why I mentioned that all three pieces on their own are good standalone systems. However, they can lose a little here and there as well, but as long as you are in place to take your aim on the Main Bet, it will all take care of itself. The Primary Bet would be the one you start out with at the table. It is an every spin bet and as mentioned, will usually make you some money. The Secondary Bet, which is usually every few spins, is a little bit stronger and will also make you money over time. And then, as mentioned before, the Main Bet (which is so powerful that we could never name it the Tertiary Bet!) is there to collect the profits for you and deliver the mail.

    You've been burned several - if not hundreds - of times by systems sellers claiming everything from houses in Monaco to Lambourghini cars and vacation homes all over the planet. We are not here to make those claims. Although, if you played this enough, it's likely that you can afford some of the better things in life. Or save for a great college education for your kids. Or just tuck away as your entertainment fund (and that thing will grow exponentially over time). The methods that are within this manual - the Main Bet especially - are some methods that most have never seen before until now. The Main Bet is light years different than anything you've seen before, and fortunately the author of this wonderful approach was convinced to share it to those who really want to be serious about winning. By pricing it the way that it is, it ensures that there will be very few copies in circulation. And this keeps out the "tire kickers". Keep in mind, once you sign on the dotted line (the Confidentiality Agreement), there's no turning back. But you'll be glad you did!! There are of course, no money back guarantees once this system is delivered to you.

    NOTE: This system is NOT available in the Roulette Systems package that we offer!

    That's about all of the detail that is available. This could be the opportunity you have been looking for. However, you have to commit yourself to learning it inside and out. Practice before you play for real. Ask questions if you have them. Once you start playing, you will be glad that you read this ad and bid on the item. If you pass on this, best of luck to you to find the roulette strategy that fits you best. If you do bid, congratulations in advance!

    Of course, our customer service is impeccable. Look at our reviews and feedback! Keep in mind that you will need to sign the Confidentiality Agreement before the system is released to you.

    Thank you for looking at our auction and Happy Bidding!

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