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    Traders State of Mind - Developing Traders Mind


    Rande Howell - Developing Traders State of Mind Group Course - At Your Own Pace Version!
    Developing the Mindset That You Bring to the Uncertainty of Trading Is Essential to Creating the Probability of Success

    The great advantage of this course is that a group engages trader psychology training while they are studying trading methodology with their own trader methodology teacher at the same time. As you are going through the course, you get to converse with and work with other traders who have the same motivation to get to the next level as you do. Together, you are taken through a systematic process of learning how to regulate negative emotions in trading, develop the essential skill of Mindfulness, and use Mindfulness to develop your indwelling resources so you can get to the next level. In addition, Rande will lead a virtual classroom in your trading room every two weeks to process and strengthen the skills and tools you will be learning and practicing in the virtual classroom. And, yes, traders also notice that this is a very cost-effective way to learn vital trader psychology skills.

    What is included in Class 101?

    Introduction -- First, there is a recorded introduction that is a recording of a webinar that Rande presented on Wall Street in 2011 as a training session for traders. It gives an overview of the process that you are going to be learning. You get to see how all the elements are linked together to produce a Traders State of Mind. The course becomes more cohesive by understanding the process from the get-go.

    Class 101: Emotional Regulation -- Calming the Body, Stilling the Mind

    Before you are able to work with the self-limiting beliefs that sabotage your potential in trading, you will be taught first how to manage emotional reactivity. Until you can regulate your out-of-control fear or impulse, getting into a position to work with the mind is not possible. Consequently, breathing and self-soothing skills are taught so that you can interrupt emotions before they sweep your trading mind away. The training is applied directly to trading situations that cause you the most problems including evaluating set-ups for entry points, pulling the trigger, being in the trade, and losing a trade. Thought-stopping techniques are conditioned to be an automatic response to increased arousal and agitation. Literally, you will train your brain to trigger to a state of calm as you begin experiencing stress.

    Why teach breathing? Breathing is important for emotional state management. Each emotion has a particular breathing signature associated with it. And by using this knowledge, you will be trained to mindfully use breathing to interrupt the spiraling of fear. Fear requires a short, fast style of breathing to maintain itself, and you will be trained to use diaphragmatic breathing to interrupt this part of the arousal of fear. Until fear is managed, accessing the mind and changing it to a more productive position is not possible. Breathing is the base skill to begin this process of transformation of yourself as a trader.

    Then you will be taught how to generate a sense of safety so that your mind calms down. It is at this point that the mind itself can be worked with...and then you will have the skills to manage the explosion of emotions that have dominated your trading.

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